2006 - 2013

Tupac Reinterpreted Season, British Film Institute - 2006 Contemporary Black Music Culture, in association with the National Film Theatre & British Film Institute marked the 10th anniversary of the death of Tupac Shakur with a 13 day season of debates, lectures and movie screenings in September 2006.

The artistic work of the leading rapper/actor was explored cinematically, musically, lyrically and culturally. The impact of Shakur’s work on the global rap scene since his death was assessed in a variety of educational and entertainment events.

Shakur’s first manager, Leila Steinberg, flew to the UK especially for the onstage Q&A where she explained the emcees love of literature and how this impacted on his lyricism.

Shakur’s posthumous influence on a generation he will never meet was examined (he remains in the annual best seller list of deceased stars - alongside Presley, Marley and Sinatra).

How did Tupac's political inheritance inform on his material? How did he conflict with authority? Was his Thug Life outlook misunderstood?

In keeping with the National Film Theatre and British Film Institute's commitment to the moving image, Contemporary Black Music Culture's The Rise of the Rapper/Actor presentation was delivered to provide attendees with an insight into the ascent of rappers in cinema. Movies starring, documentaries featuring and broadcast media critiquing Tupac Shakur were also screened.

The Tupac Reinterpreted Season was the first of its kind at the NFT & BFI to concentrate on the artistic and cultural contribution of a rapper.

BBC 1xtra, MTV Base and MySpace UK were the season’s official media partners.