The Victoria & Albert Museum, London
May 13th 2008 marked the opening of the Story of the Supremes (from the Mary Wilson Collection) at London's Victoria & Albert Museum.

Jacqueline explored the changing aesthetic of women in the music industry in the wake of The Supremes' reign for a related sesaon talk entitled Designing Divas: Images of Women in Popular Music. This bespoke lecture featured edited music videos from a variety of female performers from a range of musical genres who fully illustrated the creative, cultural and gender-related morarys they were forced to adopt, reject or adapt to, in order to remain in popular contention.

Foundation for International Education, London
Just how did the UK Garage group So Solid Crew manage to follow so closely in the footsteps of the Sex Pistols and find themselves unable to perform live in Britain?

Contemporary Black Music Culture expands on its earlier focus of this period in British music history (Black Music in the News) to fully explore the So Solid Crew's cultural, musical and political impact in the early 2000s.

From their penetration of the British mainstream single and albums charts, to what they came to represent to British politicians, the print media and representatives of the legal system, this illustrated DVD assesses the socio-political impact and subsequent, commerical, decline of this 'musical army'.


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