Heard It Through The Grapevine Within the vast canon of modern black music, and despite regular exploration by other genres, soul and its up-tempo derivative, r&b, are largely assumed to 'take care' of matters visceral. When it comes to the articulation of male emotions, soul music not only has an evitable recording and performance history, but an unparalleled alumnus.

Sociologically, male-led soul music that willingly explores vulnerability
challenges entrenched views about male emotional inarticulation as well as
the suspicion that highlighting one's sensitivity equates to effeminacy.

Contemporary Black Music Culture will explore this broad topic via three
illustrated DVD lectures:

i) How male soloists and groups redefined pervading social, sexual and
racial opinion governing the confession of emotions.

ii) Examine why the mainstream has failed to embrace the equally sensitive reggae derived format of lover's rock, despite the fact that, like soul music, it operates under an emotionally revelatory agenda.

iii) Assess the impact rap music and its imagery has had on male soul
music - from lyrical construction to the aesthetic. Curriculum: Music Studies/Gender Studies/Music, Race & Identity/Music & marketing/Cultural Studies. Dur: 1.30 mins (per lecture)

Dancehall and the British Media Reggae music's relationship with the British media changed irrevocably in 1992 after an appearance by dancehall artist Shabba Ranks on the cult British television programme The Word.

Ranks' response to questions about Buju Banton's highly controversial record Boom Bye Bye went on to change the way reggae music was viewed, and would be reported upon. by sections of the British broadcast and print media for more than a decade.

Contemporary Black Music Culture will contextualise Ranks' commercial ascent and decline against the backdrop of his rivals' releases of the period; it will explore how his comments effectively led to the decimation of his international career and feature rare commentary from Buju Banton and Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding. Curriculum: Music Studies/Sexual identity/Political & Media Studies/Gender Studies/Cultural Studies/Race & Identity Dur: 1.30 mins




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