'People Get Ready: The Protest Years 1970-2000. Black music, protest & style' - The Victoria & Albert Museum This guest talk, featuring Mykaell Riley, Don Letts and David McAlmont, forms part of the V&A's Postmodernism season. Given that the social and political climate of the day has long been a source of inspiration and commentary by the more articulate and conscience-led music maker, 'Sound, Style & Sexuality' will ruminate over the role of those elements and the sartorial messages performers also send. The night's guests will discuss music, protest, style and subversion from a number of personal junctures.October 21st 2011

The 49th Times London Film Festival
By special invitation of the BFI (British Film Institute) and following the screening of John Singleton and Craig Brewer's Oscar-winning Hustle & Flow, Jacqueline Springer led a discussion on the importance of motion picture soundtracks to Hollywood cinema for a student audience at London's Odeon, West End cinema.

How does the cultural split of the movie – based as it is in Memphis, the city that bore the rock and roll career of Elvis Presley while telling the tale of burgeoning rap ambition – impact on its soundtrack? Could, and should, a rap-led soundtrack reflect that dichotomy? How important was it to retain the raw, unpolished sound of Southern rap for a movie that also features one of the genre's most consistent big- sellers (Ludacris)? And following Craig Brewer's encouragement, has the level of involvement rap group Three 6 Mafia enjoyed in this project ('schooling' Terrence Howard on his rap delivery in pre-production as well consulting on the soundtrack itself) set precedent for rappers and movie soundtracks? October 2005

B Supreme Festival, London
Host Of the Women In Hip Hop debate with B Girls Hanifa Queen Hudson (aka Bubbles), Ana 'Rockafella' Garcia, Cicely Bradley & Olina Thompson (Nu Stylz) and Kymberlee Jay who discussed where the B Girl was headed now that rap is more than a quarter of a century old. September 2006

The 51st Times London Film Festival
By special invitation of the BFI (British Film Institute)and following a screening of Kasi Lemmons' Talk to Me (starring Don Cheadle and Chiwetel Ejiofor) Jacqueline Springer led a discussion about the film and its central character, DJ/comedian Petey Greene.
The invited student audience explored the differences between the roles of DJs that musically soundtrack our lives and 'shock jocks' and how Greene made the journey from former convict to broadcaster at a time of social upheaval and racial conflict in America. November 2007.

Suffolk University, College of Arts & Sciences, Boston

Following the November 2006 presentations of 'From the Spray Can to The Supreme Court: Rap & US Law' and 'Code of The Streets: Rap & The Law of Snitching', Contemporary Black Music Culture returned to Suffolk University's College of Arts & Sciences in Boston to re-examine rap music's relationship with American law.

Following Congress' Autumn debate about the language used within rap (following the shift of criticism from Don Imus' insults of the Rutgers Women's Bastketball team), Contemporary Black Music Culture explored the journey The 'N' Word has taken within modern entertainment. Just how influential has our recreational media - cinema, television, stand up comedy, music and print - been in changing street vernacular since the 1970s? And has the defence that the reclamation of the ‘N' word holds different meaning in certain situations and art held any weight during the post Imus fallout?
November 2007

BBC Blast Film Festival, London

BBC Blast aim is to inspire and support the creative development of 13 to 19 year-olds. Working across a range of entertainment mediums, ideas based in the fields of dance, film, music, literature and recreation are explored and turned into reality.
As part of a special day devoted to the moving image, Contemporary Black Music Culture delivered the illustrated DVD lecture, The Rise of the Rapper/Actor. Attendees interested in the journey emcees have made beyond the mic booth discovered the identities of the five rappers that have been nominated for an Academy Award to date, and just how the word-smiths made the leap from the ‘hood to Hollywood.
Jan 2008